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6/6 Portal is coming up

Did you know we have the 6/6 Portal and the new moon all on the same day? What a crazy powerful day this will be!

So, what is the 6/6 Portal?  On June 6th the energies are at its strongest for the portal that has opened on June 3rd and will close on June 9th.  During this time, you will receive lots of downloads and may feel a lot of energies coming your way.  When this happens, take the time you need to recover.

This portal is all about finding balance and truly being on your path of your soul journey.  This is the time to reflect on our lives to see if we are in alignment with our souls.  Really this time is to align our human self, with our higher self and soul.  If we are not in alignment, are we ready to start the journey to become in alignment?  

This year the 6/6 Portal falls on the new moon.  The energy of the new moon starts and ends on the same days as this portal.  The new moon is always about new starts.  This new moon is about the self-journey which fits right in with the 6/6 Portal.  

To work with both of these energies take some time for yourself to recharge and reflect on your life and how you want your life to be. Look at the people that are in your life.  Are they people who support you and cheer for you or do they take a lot of your energy? 

Here are some suggestions that will work with both the 6/6 Portal and the new moon,

  • Start to set boundaries.

  • Journaling about your dreams for your life.

  • Meditate for a few minutes each day.

  • Surround yourself with people who flow with your journey.

  • Take time for yourself to rest and recharge.

These are a great start in building the life you want.  It does take some work and it might feel like it is slow going but really it is all coming together at the right time.  Be gentle on yourself and just take your time.  As you start to build this beautiful life your healing work will start to come forward as well.  The more we heal, the happier life we will have.   

On 6/6 take time to sit in the energy of both the portal and the new moon.  Listen to hear what the universe is saying to you.  Allow yourself to work within the energy of these two celestial events through the 9th. 



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