• Julie Sukira

Crystals for Everyone's collection

I am often asked about crystals and I love talking about them. I am going to share with you a few of the questions I am asked and my top crystal must have. A few of the questions I am asked often are which crystals should I start with and how do I pick a crystal for myself. I love to answer this question and watch the person face when they realize it is not as hard as they are making it out to be.

To start with when you are picking a crystal for yourself you should always go to the crystal that has your attention first. What do I mean by having your attention first? When you are in a crystal shop you will notice one crystal more than the rest of them, your eyes will keep moving to it or you will find yourself standing closer and closer to it. Pick up this one crystal and hold it in the hand you do not write with. As you are holding this crystal notice how it makes you feel. Are you feeling one with it? Does it make you feel light and bright? Do you feel love? Are you having a hard time putting it down? If you answer yes to any of these questions then that is mostly like the crystal for you. Now put that crystal down and pick up another one of the same type of crystals as the first one. Do you feel the same or is it different? Does the second crystal feel good but the first crystal feels so much better? You can try this with any type of crystals and stones to help you pick which crystals or stones are for you. Choosing the right crystal for you is not hard, it's all about feelings. Always go with the crystal that makes you feel the best.

I think there are nine crystals that should be in everyone’s collection. All of these crystals you will need at some point in your life. These 9 crystals I feel are go to crystals and covers all seven of your basic chakras as well.

  • Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra general stone

  • Amethyst - third eye chakra calming

  • Blue Kyanite - Throat chakra communication

  • Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra universal love

  • Citrine - Solar plexus abundance

  • Carnelian - Sacral chakra confidence

  • Smokey Quartz - Root Chakra transmute negative into positive

  • Black Tourmaline - grounding, protections

  • Selenite - all chakras clearing and white light energy

The Selenite I like to get in two different styles, tumbled for my pocket and a charging plate to clear my other crystals. Selenite is an amazing crystal that doesn’t need to be clear and will clear all other crystals as well. Selenite is a crystal of healing, protection, clearing and brings in the white light energy. I like to place my selenite in the full moon every month for it to recharge itself.

One of the biggest things I want to remind you of is you do not have to buy all of these crystals at once and you do not need to buy the biggest one you can find. A collection of pocket stones is an amazing place to start. Also when you are talking with other people about crystals remember if someone tells you something that does not feel right to you that is ok. Just keep doing what feels right to you and forget what other people say. At the end of the day you have to be happy and at peace with the crystals you are working with.

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