• Julie Sukira

Daily Collaboration

I have been thinking about Collaboration and telling my stores. Collaborations is something I do on a daily basis. I have business, personal and spiritual collaborations.

Business collaborations sometimes is the easiest of them. I meet with someone and we combine our deals to make one great product. Sometimes one of us need to share a store that goes with the topic to help move the project forward. This can help with the vision of the collaboration.

Personal collaborations sometimes can be a little trickier for me. I come together with a friend or love one to create something together. Sometimes that person or myself allow old baggage to get in the way of having a successful outcome. I have to remind myself that the person I am talking with at this moment my not know everything about me. Sharing some of my stories at relates to our topic can help them understand me more and may help them see the topic from another side. I also have to remember when I am working with someone who does know me well that they don’t always understand my way of thinking. So when the other person keeps questioning me I have to keep reminding myself to take a breath and try to explain my way of thinking. My way of thinking isn’t always the same way of thinking as the other person.

Now collaborations with spirit sometimes is the hardest. Sometimes I don’t want to face what spirit is asking me to do. So I have to keep asking questions until I understand what is being asked of me and why. On the other side of this I get to ask spirit to help me create a better life for myself. I can ask for clarity when all I see is fog.

No matter what collaborations I am working on there is always give and take. My truth and stories always play a part in my collaboration no matter who I am collaborating with.

Many blessings,

Julie Sukira

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