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New Earth?

New Earth and why?

Have you heard the term new earth?  It seems like a lot of spiritual people are talking about the New Earth coming or welcome to the New Earth. They never seem to tell us what this New Earth is or how do we join or do we want to join? So let's break this down in order to get closer to being on the same page as everyone else.

From what I understand, the New Earth is basically a divide between light and dark. People  have been saying for years that it's time to start choosing your side. Are you with the Light or with the Dark? With the New Earth coming in we no longer have the time to think about which side we want to be on. Now is the time to pick whether we want to be with the Light and love where we live, create a happier life and see a better world. Or do we want to stay in the 3D world where we are stuck in the ick and where life is hard.  

Living in the New Earth requires letting go of ego and allowing it to transform into something outside of ourselves. We start living in the present moment and really go inside of ourselves to find peace and to end personal suffering. How do we get to this point where we can be a part of the New Earth?  Well it takes some work. This is work that we need to want to do. We want to have a better life. When we live a better life, those around us start to live a better life.

How do we do the work? We show up for ourselves. We start simple and build upon that. Our lives are not going to change overnight but if we start the work today then tomorrow will be a little better than today was.  

Small changes you can start with:

  • A short daily meditation 2-5 minutes a time or two a day. The more we meditate the longer we will be able to meditate. 

  • Talk nicer to ourselves. When we have those negative thoughts about ourselves we need to replace them with positive thoughts. The more we do this the easier it becomes and less we have to think about it. The negative thought will one day fade into the past.

  • Do something every morning that is just for you. Take time to slowly drink your cup of coffee/tea or smoothie without your phone, computer or tv. Make drinking coffee/tea/smoothie into a special ritual by stirring your intentions or what you want to manifest into your drink. Say an affirmation, two or three times. 

  • Journaling is so important on a spiritual journey. Why? Well first off it gives you a place to write down your thoughts so they are not trapped in your head with the possibility of getting over thought. Journaling also helps us to see the progress we are making in our lives. Sometimes taking a moment to review and look over our lives we do see the positive changes we have made. By reviewing what we have written and our past, we can better see how we change.

  • Exercise or yoga is also a great way to help bring in some positive energies into our lives.  

Starting with some or even all of these is a great way to start to build change and bring in self love and New earth Energy. Make sure to keep it simple and easy for yourself. If we make too many changes or make things too hard we have a habit of not keeping to our new practice of self love and growth.     

Down the road we can add to these small changes to help us keep growing and learning. Reading books and watching videos from someone you trust is always a great way to learn more and to find out what feels right to us.  

As we grow into this New Earth we will see that the energies of things that held us down will start to disappear and be replaced with new energies that support our current growth and growth that is yet to come. The biggest thing is just keep moving forward and dont be hard on yourself. There will be days when we stumble and that is ok because it is all part of the growing process. Remember all the work you are doing now is so you can have a happier more comfortable life sooner than you think. 

The New Earth awaits us!



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