• Julie Sukira

Sun bath

I have been given a very big reminder just how important the sun is for the physical body.  It didn’t hit me until this afternoon when I was pulling cards for myself. The very first card that came forward was the sun card.   I kept looking at it and look at but I wasn’t understanding the true message in this card for me. So I read the card Description from the book. OMG can you stay spot on.

What am I talking about? Yesterday I spent a couple of hours outside in the sun putting together a small shed.  The whole time I was outside I was in a good mood and we got some work done. Last night I slept well and woke up refreshed.  I got up and did my normal stuff and felt pretty good. I started to do work I normally I don’t do to often. I felt good that I got this work done.  After I read this card it all made sense. Yesterday the sun recharged me. It is something I had been missing and didn’t know it.

I spend a lot of time inside, the only time I am outside really is when I am walking to my car or something like that.  I can be in my car for an hour but the sun is still blocked. This is not enough time in the sun to recharge the body. Yesterday I allowed myself to feel the sun warmth and energy while I was working outside. Today I feel amazing and have learned a huge lesson. My body needs to feel the sun in order to feel healthy, strong and alive.

Sometimes I miss what is right in front of my face. Thankfully spirit is there is show and guide me.  

Many Blessings,


card from Angels and Ancestors oracle

by Kyle Gray

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