• Julie Sukira

Vet Time During New Times

As everyone knows we are in a new time. The ways of doing things have changed for us. We can’t do everything we want the same way we have been doing them any more. That just means it's time to change and grow a little. But did you know that things have even changed for our beloved fur babies?

Long gone are the days you could take your animal to the vet and go in with them. You no longer can help them in person get through the exams and tests. Now we have to drive them to the vet and call to let them know we have arrived. Then a nice person comes out and collects your fur baby to take them inside. You are left sitting in your car. Freaky right? We start to stress and worry about what is happening in there and wonder if your poor baby is alright. Guess what this doesn’t help your beautiful animal. Did you know that your animal reads your emotions and body language? That’s right they react to our energy and adjust theirs to match our energies. If you are scared they will be scared.

So how can we help our fur babies and ourselves get through this? First we have to manage ourselves. We need to remember that the people in the vet office want to help our fur babies feel better and stay healthy. It's important to release the stress and anxiety we have about the vet visit. We can do this by taking a few deep breaths and exhale the stress and anxiety. We can also calmly walk around the house thinking positive thoughts and actively feeling good about the visit.

Once we have ourselves under control then we talk with our fur baby and explain how the day is going to go. Let the animal know how long you will be in the car together. Tell them about the nice person who is going to come out to get the carrier or leash to take them inside. Tell them about being weighted and how the doctor is going to look at their teeth, listen to their heart and feel their body to make sure everything is ok. Also share with them that there might be some testing and what kind of testing it would be if you know. If they are getting dental work tell them that too. Also as you are talking to them send pictures to your animal showing them how this is going to happen. Share with them about going home and getting a treat for behaving at the vet.

The vet doesn’t have to be scary for either of you. You just have to take it one calm step at a time.

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