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Red Jasper is a boost of life force energy waking up and energizing your body. It enhances your endurance, stamina and promotes a positive and joyful attitude, giving you the motivation to chase after your dreams. Red Jasper is especially lucky for creatives, as it helps with manifesting creative ideas. 


It brings a feeling of tranquility, stability and protection to the wearer. Red Jasper resonates with the lower three chakras and creates an excellent connection to the earth. Its a wonderful stone for grounding and centering.


The Merkaba is the geometric shape of the aura that helps transport your consciousness to higher dimensions connecting us to our Higher Selves. The shape is believed to form a spiritual shield around the holder providing protection and is very useful for healing the chakras and spiritual transformation.

You will get one red jasper merkaba pendant 1".
Intuitively chosen for you.

Genuine stones will vary in size, shape, and color. Yours will be similar to those pictured but not identical. Posted pictures are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes and shapes available.

Jasper Red Merkaba Pendant

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These statements are not meant to replace that of a medical professional. Please consult your medical professional for any disease, illness or injury you may have.

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