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Lavender Jade Bracelet 4mm


Lavender Jade, sometimes called Lilac Jade or Dream Stone, has been used in rituals, as medicinal cures, as guides on spiritual journeys and as meditational focal points. Lavender Jade has always been closely tied to the act of dreaming and is thought to bring the user closer to higher beings, to help with dream interpretation, to protect the user from bad dreams, and it can bring us closer to our dreams of greater consciousness.

Lavender Jade is all about self confidence, self assement and attaching to your better self. Its properties can help you see people and situations from a healthier, more loving and forgiving viewpoint. This makes it the perfect stone to guide you through the chaotic situations and unexpected interruptions that are part of life. Lavender Jade can also help clear the aura and refresh the spirit enhancing connection and communication with your higher guidance.

You will recieve (1) Lavender Jade Bracelet 4mm".
Intuitively chosen for you.

Lavender Jade Bracelet 4mm

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