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Connect to Ancient Wisdom in Meditation with this Black Obsidian Crystal Skull!


Crystal skull carvings are a symbol of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Some also believe that these new carvings connect to the 13 ancient crystal skulls.


Black Obsidian is great to use if you are doing shadow work or karmic healing as it boosts conficence and personal empowerment and instills a deep sense of protection through grounding and the clearing of negative energies from the auric field creating a shield of protection. 


Black Obsidian has a positive impact on over all health but is extremely helpful with depression, anxiety and stress. It supports stability, happiness and a healthy self-reliance. Black Obsidian can also be used to enhance spiritual evolution, intuition, clarity and inner strength. 

Size is about 2” from chin to the back of the head.

Obsidian Crystal Skull A

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