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Snow Quartz .75" - 1" Tumbled Stone


Snow Quartz is a type of Quartz that has an opaque transparency and a cloudy, milky appearance. Snow Quartz is ruled by Water, Venus, and Snow Gods. Snow quartz is a good stone for working with the energy of winter and can be used to promote feelings of peace and joy. It is excellent for patience, balance, focus, strength, manifestation, psychic powers, and spirit contact.


Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone there is. Holding a Quartz crystal in your hand doubles your biomagnetic field, and this can be shown through the use of a Kirlian camera.  

Quartz can reset your energy systems on all levels and works to the specific requirements of the person needing healing. It cleanses and enhances the organs and the subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the mind with the physical dimensions. 


You will get (1) Snow Quartz .75" - 1" Tumbled Stone

Stones are intuitively chosen for you.

Genuine stones will vary in size, shape, and color. Yours will be similar to those pictured but not identical. Posted pictures are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes and shapes available.

Snow Quartz .75" - 1" Tumbled Stone

  • These statements are not meant to replace that of a medical professional. Please consult your medical professional for any disease, illness or injury you may have.

  • Due to the nature of our products all sales are final.

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